Leatherman MUT

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The Leatherman MUT is not only a practical tool but can also maintain military gear by utilizing a bronze carbon scraper, disassembly punch and bolt override tool. Features multiple areas for attaching threaded cleaning rods and brushes as well as on-board standard screwdriver and Torx bits for anything from adjustment work to gear breakdown. Other tools include pliers, a 420HC combo knife, saw, hammer and more. Comes standard with a MOLLE sheath and scope adjustment wrench.

  • Needlenose Pliers - Perfect for holding small objects or using the pliers in tight, narrow spaces.
  • Regular Pliers - Conveniently hold and manipulate items.
  • Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters - Easily cut through regular and light-gauge wire with this replaceable, edge-retaining tool.
  • Premium Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters - Easily cut through electrical hard wires with this replaceable, edge-retaining tool.
  • Stranded-wire Cutters - Cut bundled or wrapped small gauge wire without crushing them.
  • Electrical Crimper - Found in the jaw of the tool and used for general purpose crimping of electrical connectors.
  • 420HC Combo Knife - Cut precisely and through rough materials with a straight and serrated blade.
  • Saw - Quickly and easily saw through tough materials with this open-toothed tool.
  • Replaceable Cutting Hook - Cut through straps, seatbelts, canvas, and other fabrics in an emergency.
  • Hammer - Hammer tent stakes, nails, or other things. A textured end reduces slippage.
  • Bolt Override Tool - Easily clear jams on an AR-15 platform rifle.
  • Replaceable Bronze Carbon Scraper - Remove carbon buildup from firearm bolts and carriers without scratching the metal.
  • #8-32 Cleaning Rod/Brush Adapter - Attach firearm cleaning rods and brushes to this threaded male-end tool.
  • Replaceable Firearm Disassembly Punch - Use to disassemble a firearm for cleaning. The punch threads onto a multi-tool.
  • Carabiner/Bottle Opener - Use this tool as a clip or bottle opener.
  • Large Bit Driver - Easily switch out full-size bits to customize your multi-tool.
  • Handle Bit Storage - Conveniently store Leatherman tool bits in the handle of your multi-tool for easy access in the middle of a job, or for safe keeping when not in use. 
  • Replaceable Pocket Clip - A removable clip which allows the user to wear their multi-tool attached to a pocket or belt loop without the use of a sheath. By removing the clip, the user is able to easily carry their tool in a sheath if preferred.
  • One-hand Operable Features - Every feature on this tool can be opened and operated with one hand. This enables the user to keep the other hand free for situations that require multi-tasking or a free hand.
  • PRODUCT TYPE Multi-Tool
  • CLOSED LENGTH 5 in | 12.7 cm
  • WEIGHT 11.2 oz | 317.5 g
  • PRIMARY BLADE LENGTH 3 in | 7.6 cm
  • BRAND Leatherman
    3/8” Wrench and Front-Sight Adjustment Accessory
    420HC Stainless Steel, 154CM Stainless Steel, Bronze, Black Oxide
    Torx #15 & Hex 7/64" 
    Phillips #1-2 & 3/16" Screwdriver 
    Phillips #2 & 1/4" Screwdriver