OCS Packing List

OCS Packing List Information:
As of 14 September 2021

4 OCP-ACU sets (Top and Bottom)
2 "Follow Me" patches
2 American Flag subdued, *reverse direction
2 American Flag colored
2 Name tape
2 US Armytape
1 Belt, Riggers, Tan
2 pairs Tan Leather Boots. Must be IAW Army standard.
2 Cap, Patrol with nametape (appropriate to OCP-ACU camouflage pattern)
1 Beret, Wool, Black
2 sets ID tags and chains, long and short
7 pairs Socks, boot, black, green, or brown IAW AR 670-1
2 pairs Socks, liner, polyester/nylon, black (Serves as liner and dress sock)
7 T-shirt, moisture wicking, Tan
1 pair Gloves, black leather shell pr. Unisex
1 pair Insert, Gloves, cold weather
1 OCS Insignia, subdued for OCP Patrol Cap
2 OCS Insignia, subdued Patch for OCP-ACU Top
1 Ascot, White, OCS Logo (for Senior Phase)
1 Cold Weather Jacket (Fleece) (Optional)
1 Waffle Top (Poly Pro) (Cold Weather)
1 Waffle Bottom (Poly Pro) (Cold Weather)
1 Silk Weight Top (Cold Weather)
1 Silk Weight Bottom (Cold Weather)
7 Underpants (Male), Brief, Tan / Brown. May be neutral, non-spandex (Optional)
7 Underpants (Female), white, black, or other neutral color
7 Brassieres (Female), white, black, or other neutral color (sports brassieres authorized)
2 pairs Stockings (Female), sheer/semi-sheer, no seams, conservative colors (Optional)

ACU Item Notes:
1. The Patrol Cap is authorized for wear during OCS.
2. The Beret will be worn with the dress uniforms and for special events as directed by the OCS Commandant.
3. Sewn on US Army tape and nametape is authorized.

1 Web belt, black 1” with brass tip
1 Belt buckle, "Sta-Brite"
2 White undershirt, cotton, crew neck (Male)
1 pair Dress gloves, black
2 U.S. insignia, Officer, "Sta-Brite"
2 11th Infantry Regiment Crest, “Sta-Brite” forASU
2 OCS Rank, “Sta-Brite” insignia
2 Name plate plastic, ASU uniform
1 Necktie, black (Male) 1 Bow tie, black (Male)
1 pair Dress shoes, Low Quarters
1 Neck tab (Female)
1 pair Dress shoes, Pumps black (either style) (Female) (Optional)
1 ASU Jacket, blue
1 ASU Service Shirt, White, long sleeve
1 ASU Service Shirt, White, short sleeve
1 ASU Trousers, blue (Male)
1 ASU Skirt, blue (Female) (Optional)
1 ASU Slacks, blue (Female)

ASU Item Notes:
1. All authorized ribbons, medals and badges will be worn on the ASU.

1 Reflective Belt, Neon Yellow, Elastic (RE-FLEX). *2 recommended; 1 for person and 1 for ruck
2 Shorts, Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU)
2 Shirt, Physical Fitness Uniform, short sleeve (APFU)
2 Shirt, Physical Fitness Uniform, long sleeve (APFU)
1 pair Running shoes
7 pairs White or Black socks, cotton, athletic (socks must cover the ankle bone- NO logos)
1 Jacket, Physical Fitness Uniform, CW (APFU)
1 Pants, Physical Fitness Uniform, CW (APFU)
1 Cap, Microfleece, Black (worn with APFU uniform) D. REQUIRED GENERAL USE ITEMS & EQUIPMENT Quantity Item Description
2 Army Issued brown, green, or black towels, cotton (Non-issued authorized)
2 Army Issued brown, green, or black towels, face cloth, cotton (Non-issued authorized) 1 Bag, toiletry, any color, with personal hygiene items (Optional for Field Kit)
1 pair Shower shoes
1 Laundry kit, Detergent (6 week supply)
1 2.5in shackle combination lock (key locks, luggage locks are not allowed) (Optional)
2 Combination locks (key locks, luggage locks are not allowed)
12 Matching hangers
5 Pen, ball point, black
5 Pencil, mechanical
2 Permanent marker, black
1 Cloth tape, white,
1" wide TM (to mark equipment)
1 Soap dish and toothbrush holder
1 Wristwatch (No GPS Enabled)
1 Shaving Cream
1 Army issued camelback hydration system
1 Set of 7 x Super-fine permanent pens for map marking (Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Brown, Orange)
20 Laminating sheets (Acetate)/ Sheet protectors