Ranger School Packing Checklist

ARTB Ranger School Packing List



All administrative items below are CRITICAL items that will be grounds for dismissal form the course if missing               

Orders to Ranger School 5 ea

DD-93/SGLI 2 ea

ERB/ORB 2 ea

Airborne Certificate/Orders (if applicable) 2 ea

Ranger Physical Complete (DA 2808 & 2807-1) (females require pregnancy test) 1 ea

Commanders Letter (Signed) 2 ea

Packing List (Signed) 1 ea

ID Card  1 ea

ID Tags with Breakaway Chain with Medical Alert Tags or Bracelet (if required) 2 sets Dod ID Number/ not SSN
All items below are CRITICAL items that will be grounds for dismissal from the course if missing                   

Molle Ruck Frame 1 ea LIN: DA650F

Molded Waist Belt (MOLLE Ruck Waist Belt) 1 ea LIN: DA6517

Molle Ruck Shoulder Straps 1 ea LIN: DA652Z

Sustainment Pouch 2 ea LIN: DA655V

Pack, Frame, MOLLE (Large MOLLE Ruck) (w/ names and cat eyes IAW BSOP) 1 ea LIN: DA654J

Load Lifter Attachment 2 ea LIN: DA657W

Helmet: Advanced Combat 1 ea LIN: H53175

Bracket Lever (NODs mount) (Mounted on Helmet) 1 ea LIN: PA4042

Eye Protection APEL (Clear Lens only) (w/inserts if required) (Insert do not count as eye glasses) 3 pr Inserts do not count as eye glasses Students will use one pair in each phase

Molle Tactical Assault Panel w/ Shoulder Straps (nametape sewn over right shoulder) 1 ea LIN: DA659Q

Pouch, Canteen-General 2 ea LIN: DA6588

Pouch, Magazine, M4 TH 2 ea LIN: DA658H

Pouch, Grenade, Hand 2 ea LIN: DA6593

Magazine, M4  7 ea

Adapter, Firing, (M4 yellow, not M16 red) 1 ea NSN 1005-01-361-8208

Canteen Water Plastic 1 QT 2 ea LIN: C96536

Canteen Water Plastic 2 QT 2 ea LIN: C96399

2QT Canteen Cover w/ Strap 2 ea LIN: F30117

Camelback/MOLLE hydration system 70-100oz.  Carrier will not have additional pockets (name tape sewn on) 1 ea LIN: DA651E and DA652Q  ***Students must report on day zero with camelback full of water and will wear during inprocessing***

Drawers, Cold Weather; Military issue Poly-Pro or Gen III, level-1-bottoms.                2 ea LIN: D74128

Drawers, Cold Weather; Military issue Poly-Pro or Gen III, level-2-bottoms.                2 ea LIN: D74812

Undershirt, Cold Weather; Military issue Poly-Pro or Gen III level-1-tops              2 ea LIN: U31387

Undershirt, Cold Weather; Military issue Poly-Pro or Gen III level-2-tops              2 ea LIN: S08535 

Neck Gator Brown/Tan (no black) 1 ea LIN: G39744 

Mitten Inserts: Wool  1 ea  LIN: M52555

Mitten Shells: Cotton  1 ea LIN: M53240

Gloves: Combat 1 ea LIN: DA154H

Gloves Intermediate Cold Weather: Men's and Women's 1 ea LIN: DA153A

Boots, Cold Weather (IAW AR 670-1 with no buckles)  1 ea Minimum 200 thinsulate Boot tag must specify 200g of thinsulate or greater 

Cold-Wet ICW Boot Liners w/ ICW Boot (only needed instead of Boots, Cold Weather) 1 ea NSN 833-50-147-21628

Overshoes Boot Combat (must fit over Boots, Cold Weather) 1 ea LIN: N39848

Tarpaulin: Field Individual or Poncho Wet Weather 1 ea LIN: T05014 or P17415

Jacket Wet Weather or ECWCS Level VI Jacket 1 ea LIN: E42924 or J23458

Trousers Wet Weather or ECWCS Level VI Trousers 1 ea LIN: E43367 or T36205

Poncho Liner Wet Weather 1 ea LIN: L70789

Stuff Sack Modular System, Large 1 ea LIN: DA659E

Sleeping Bag ICW, Modular System 1 ea LIN: DA654N

Bivy Cover, Modular System 1 ea LIN: DA658R

Bag, Patrol, Modular System 1 ea LIN: DA658Z

Cap, ACU OCP with cat eyes sewn on and name tape, (velcro or sewn on; see note #1) 2 ea LIN: C02082

Coat, ACU OCP (Velcro or sewn-on Name tape and US Army See DA-PAM/AR 670-1 CH 4-1 PARA B).  6 ea* LIN: C68926

Trousers, ACU OCP (See DA-PAM/AR 670-1 CH 4-1 PARA B).  6 ea* LIN: T057108 

T-Shirts, S/S; Tan 499; loose fitting (cotton or polyester anti-micro bacterial authorized)      (T-shirt Service Specific, no logo's) 8 ea

Belt, tan 499 or brown non-elastic (rigger style) 2 ea LIN: B05007 

Socks, cushion sole wool blend (military black, tan or green - non waterproof) 8 pr

Boots, Hot Weather Desert (IAW AR 670-1 with no buckles) 2 ea

PT Uniform:  Jacket, Pants, Long Sleeve Shirt, Short Sleeve Shirt, Shorts 1 ea

Shoes, Running 1 pr

Compass, Lensatic (military issue) 1 ea LIN: E66317 

Ear Plugs with Case, Triple Flange minimum 1 ea

Pencils 10 ea

Protractor GTA 5-2-12 1 ea

Razor, shaving (non electric) 1 ea

Razor Blades 12 ea

Alcohol Marker, permanent (4 pack multiple colors) 1 ea

Camouflage Stick, light green and loam (or like item) 3 ea NSN 6850-00-161-6204
All items below are MANDATORY items that will be result in administrative action if missing          

Carrier, Entrenching 1 ea LIN: DA6545

Pouch Magazine, M4 TW 3 ea LIN: DA6562

Pouch, Flash Grenade 1 ea LIN: DA6563

Pack, Assault, Molle 1 ea LIN: DA657E

Name-Tape, Cloth (sew on) for equipment  4 ea Only Needed if not sewn on (FLC, Camelback, Ruck, and ASSLT Pack)

Bag Clothing Waterproof 2 ea LIN: B15825

Intrenching Tool, Hand 1 ea LIN: MC20CH

Band, Helmet, Camouflage 1 ea

Cover Helmet Camouflage 1 ea LIN: DA155N

Canteen Cup: Steel 1 ea LIN: F54817

Elbow and Knee Pads 1 ea LIN: DA 155S

Stuff Sack Modular System, Small 1 ea LIN: DA653U

Sleeping Mat 1 ea LIN: M24944

ECWCS Level V Jacket: Soft Shell Cold Weather 1 ea LIN: E43299

ECWCS Level V Trousers: Soft Shell Cold Weather 1 ea LIN: E43549

Black Tape, friction or electrical 2 rolls

Eye glasses, prescription (military issue, if required) w/ retainer bands 2 pr min

Civilian clothes consisting of: 1 Collared Shirt, 1 pr of Pants, 1 Jacket 1 ea

Socks, white/black (calf or above ankle only) 2 pr 

Watch cap; black micro fleece 2 ea

Weapons Cleaning Kit, small arms with the following items: 1 cleaning rod handle, 4 cleaning rods, 1 eyelet, 1 bore brush, 1 chamber brush, 1 two ended tooth brush, 1 pack of chamber patches, 1 small bottle of CLP) 1 ea

Whistle (subdued color) 1 ea NSN 8465-00-254-8803

Belt, reflective (high vis. yellow) 1 ea

Combination Locks (no key locks) 1x additional for unauthorized bags if from overseas unit or TDY enroute 3 ea/1ea  each duffle bag is required to have a combination lock, student issued wall lockers will be secured with lock provided by student

Bladder, Hydration w/ Bite Valve 1 ea

Batteries; AA or AAA or 123 cell (for personal flashlights/headlamps) 16 min

Headlamp (must be red/white compatible) 1 min

Luminous tape 1"X6" strip 1 ea

Nylon Cord (550 type) 300 ft

Pens 10 ea

Notebook, pocket size 2 ea

Sewing Kit 1 ea

Shaving Cream 1 can

Shower Shoes (any Color) 1 pr

Soap 1 bar

Tape, 100 MPH 2" Width 1 roll

Toothbrush 1 ea

Toothpaste (large tubes) 1 ea

Towels, large (green or brown) 2 ea

Towels (wash cloth) (green or brown) 2 ea

Laundry Soap as needed

Wristwatch (non GPS or Internet capable) 1 ea

Bag Duffel: Nylon (no oversized duffel bags. One additional duffel bag with lock for unauthorized item if coming from an overseas unit or TDY enroute. 2/3 ea LIN: B14729

Bag, Barracks Cotton OR Civilian Laundry Bag (subdued color, mesh authorized) 1 ea LIN: B13907
All items below are CRITICAL items for females that will be grounds for dismissal from the course if missing                   

Feminine Wipes/Additional Baby Wipes (not to exceed 124) 124 total unscented 

Bras 2 to 6 white, black, or neutral color, per AR 670-1 20-28a(2)

Drawers Cotton or Polyester, Underwear 2 to 6 pr white, black, or neutral color, per AR 670-1 20-28a(2)

Pads/Tampons 2 month supply unscented, recommend w/applicator, addition zip lock bags authorized for storage of unused/used products 

Female Urinary Diversion Device (FUDD) 1 ea LIN: SD1048 NSN 4510-01-470-2805 or neutral color if purchasing non-Army issued model

If Birth Control is utilized, the BELOW methods are authorized during training

**Recommended ALL birth control methods be implemented at LEAST 90 days prior to training**

Intrauterine Devises (IUD) N/A Mirena, Para Gard Only

Birth Control Pills 6 month supply

Patch 6 month supply Ortho-Evra (not recommended)

Implant N/A Nexplanon
All items below are OPTIONAL items and quantities that are authorized in the Ranger Course

Balaclava, Wool Army Issue (Black or Foliage Green); Heavyweight fleece unauthorized 1 ea LIN: H46744

Trousers, IHWCU (if brought, counts towards the 6 minimum sets of ACU OCP complete uniforms) 2 ea LIN: DA151U

Coat,  IHWCU (if brought, counts towards the 6 minimum sets of ACU OCP complete uniforms) 2 ea LIN: DA151J

Field, Butt, & Backback 1 ea LIN: DA6508

Alcohol Markers (black/blue/red/green) 2 ea

Alcohol Eraser 1 ea

Anti-chafing Lotion: (6 - 8 fl. oz) Free of alcohol, fragrance, and petroleum (Body Glide authorized) as needed

Baby Wipes: Alcohol free and without additives 124 total unscented

Chemlights (green/blue/IR are all acceptable) no red 20 each

Cotton Swabs 1 box

Drawers Cotton or Polyester, Underwear (white, brown or green) 6 pr

ECWCS Gen 3 Fleece 1 ea LIN: E95281

Electric Hair Trimmer 1 set

Extra Bootlaces 2 pr

Finger/toe nail clippers 1 ea

Foot Powder, (anti-fungal, not containing menthol non-medicated) 2 ea

Gloves, Cold Weather, Civilian Gortex (black or subdued colors, minimum of 80 grams of thinsulate or 4 oz prime loft)  1 pr

Gloves, Nomex or Tactical Style (logo must be subdued or blacked in, no neoprene gloves) 1 pr

Gum (no energy, caffeine, and/or nicotine allowed) 60 total

Hand Sanitizer  1 ea

Index Cards 2 packs

Insect Repellant (non aerosol) 1 ea

Insoles, Boots (any Type) 2 ea

Large Trash Bags 1 box

Lamination Paper 1 roll max

Leatherman Type Tool 1 ea

Letter Writing Material as needed

Lighter and/or Weather Proof Matches 2 ea

Liner, Field Jacket 1 ea

Lip Balm 1 ea

Lotion 6-8 FL OZ.   2 ea   approved list

Map Case 1 ea

Moleskin as needed

Mouthpiece (for combatives) 1 ea

Pace Cord 1 ea

Parka Cold Weather Gortex 1 ea LIN: P69699

Pocket Knife (folding blade 4" or less) 1 ea

Retainer Bands 25 total

Small Mirror 1 ea

Sunscreen (6-8 fl. oz) 2 ea

Soap Dish 1 ea

Status Card (status cards must be blank) 1 ea

Terrain Model Kit (small) 1 ea

Trousers Cold Weather Gortex 1 ea LIN: X36109

Waterproof Bags (zip lock, small) 25 ea

Whetstone 1 ea

Wrist Compass 1 ea
**Administration Foot Notes**
1) Ranger Cat eyes will be 1/2"x1" in size, sewn flush with name tape 1" apart. 
**Items NOT listed on the above packing list are UNAUTHORIZED**
For Overseas personnel Only; items will be confiscated and placed in hold baggage during initial layout. Students will sign a form stating that the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade is not responsible for any loss or damage to personnel items stored while students are attending the course. If items are found during subsequent inspections, that item will be confiscated and student will be released from course. (You must bring one extra duffle bag and lock to store unauthorized items)
**The following items are UNAUTHORIZED and are grounds for dismissal**
Cellular Telephone or any electronic items
Any product with caffeine
Tobacco products of any type
Civilian Long Underwear
Contact Lenses
Filled in Operations Order, FRAGO or ANNEX Formats,
Modified Shoulder Strap Pads or Kidney Pads
Spandex type Athletic Wear/Underwear (i.e. TIGHT fitting under armor)
Vitamins and Supplements of any kind
Gortex Socks
Civilian Medication I.E. Aspirin, Tylenol, Vitamins ETC
No Personal TA 50 (Carabiners, Pouches, Bungee Cords, civilian wet weather bag, waterproof cases, etc.)