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Troops Military Supply

Terrain Model Kit

Terrain Model Kit

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Troops Exclusive Terrain Model Kit.

Includes everything you need for Ranger School Patrols and Operations Orders including but not limited to:

  • Legend
  • Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, and White Yarn
  • Chalk
  • Support by Fire
  • Assault by Fire
  • Ambulance Exchange Points
  • Casualty Collection Points
  • Check Points
  • Rally Point
  • Objective Rally Point
  • Enemy Avenue of Approach
  • Friendly Avenue of Approach
  • Linear Danger Area
  • North Seeking Arrow
  • Limit of Advance
  • Kill Zone
  • Weapon System Iconography
  • Extendable Pointer / Pen

All TMK labels are laminated to withstand the elements.


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