Ranger School Darby Refit Option 2

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Option 2 includes:

8-AAA Batteries                             

8-AA Batteries                                

1 Pack of baby wipes  (70 Wipes)                                 

1 Protractor                                  

1 Roll of electrical tape                               

5 IR Chem Lights   (Highly Recommended)                                        

1 4-Pk Alcohol markers                               

1 Alcohol marker eraser                             

1 Nylon cord (550 cord)   100 Feet                           

25 Waterproof bags (gallon size)   High quality bags                                 

1 Body Glide                              

1 Lotion    (Working Hands 2.7 oz)    Best one available                                    

1 Lip balm                                        

1 Toothpaste    (Large Tube Crest 6.5 oz)                              

1 pack of laundry detergent     (7 Loads)                                 

60 Pieces of gum                                          

1 pair of eye protection                              

1 Headlamp     (Petzl) High quality headlamp                               

1 Rite in the rain note pad (4X6)                              

1 Bottle of CLP    (4oz bottle)                            

1 Insect repellent 100 DEET                                      

1 Tooth Brush                                 

1 Moleskin (3 Pack)

1 Sunscreen                                    

1 Ear plugs with case                                   

1 Pack of #84 rubber bands.


Note: Please write a personal message on the “notes” and we will be happy to include it with this package. You can also email us a letter or paste it to the notes and we will print it and send it with the package.

Shipping Address Guidelines for Darby Phase

When filling out the shipping information Please follow these guidelines:

First name: Rank and  first name

Last name: Last name

Company: 4th Ranger Training Battalion

Address: 10850 Schneider Road

Apartment: ATTN: Class (Class Number)  e.g. Class 6-21

City: Fort Benning

Country/ Region: United States

State: Georgia

Zip code: 31905

Phone number: your phone number


Just for your information…

These packages were designed to help your Ranger Student since they will not have a Darby pass because of Covid-19. The information to make these packages was gathered by reviewing previous Ranger classes on Darby pass. At that time Ranger students were allowed to come to Troops Military Supply to get their re-supply of Ranger School packing list items. We are not charging anything extra for the convenience of getting these ready packages. Prices are the same as if you’d come to the store and bought these items yourself. If you have any suggestions to make these packages even better please let us know.

We really appreciate our Ranger Students and are here to help you as much as possible. Best of luck to all of them.

Thank you very much for supporting this small business!!